Our sustainability strategy: Take care!

Our sustainability strategy: Take care!

Changing the world? That’s what we do every day by taking responsibility for our actions – as entrepreneurs, guardians of the environment and kind human beings.

Ecological responsibility

We protect our environment.

The earth is our livelihood. Protecting and preserving it is of particular importance to us as an international company, locally and worldwide. We contribute to the careful use of resources at all our recycling sites on all five continents, preventing environmental hazards and resolving any damage already sustained. How we do this? It’s pretty simple!

Recycling: Turning old into new!

Recycling is at the core of our business. By sustainably extracting new secondary raw materials from scrap metals and by developing them into versatile, high-performance materials, we create added value. Our business model helps our trading partners and the processing industry using resources sustainably and sparingly. It’s a business model we are proud of.

Environmental Protection: Protecting the climate

We take climate goals seriously. As market-leaders we make every effort to sustainably minimize CO2 emissions. We know: Producing primary raw materials leads to an increase of CO2. It’s very different with recycling though. By recycling metals that are already part of the value-added cycle, our company helps saving 4.28 million tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. We are proud of our valuable contribution to protect the climate.

We close the loop: 4.28 Million Tonnes CO2 savings through recycled raw materials per year

≙ 342

Million trees

CO2 savings per year
≙ 428

Wind turbines

CO2 savings per year
≙ 1.78

Million 3KW photovoltaic systems

CO2 savings per year

Our Wow-Effect: World-class recycling

We are driven by our joy of innovation and our pioneering spirit. Our "ELG Carbon Fiber" unit in the UK is the first and largest carbon fiber recycling plant in the world. The planet accumulates 20,000 tonnes of carbon waste every year. However, with the help of our patented pyrolysis process, we can recycle carbon fiber residues and process them into new high-performance materials. By doing so we bring them back into the user cycle.

ELG Carbon Fibre

Corporate responsibility

Our values are our roots, our innovations are our wings

Our corporate philosophy is based on four pillars: responsibility, trust, loyalty and transparency. We live these values, locally and internationally, from the executive floor to the reception. In order to bring our values to life we have created the “Six Principles”, our Code of Conduct, that guides us every day:

Our Code of Conduct: The “Six Principles”

#1 Independence – We are forward-looking

  • Long-term success is more important than short-term profit.
  • We show commitment to ensure stability.
  • We build confidence through our success.

#2 Responsibility – We take responsibility

  • We conserve resources through responsible recycling.
  • We strive to keep up excellence for highest quality.
  • We want to achieve maximum productivity with a small environmental footprint.

#3 Integrity – We act with integrity and loyalty

  • We respect laws, cultural traditions and social values.
  • At work we prioritize corporate over personal interests.
  • In case of doubt, we trustfully contact a colleague or one of our Compliance Officers.

#4 Empowerment – We show inner strength

  • We take personal responsibility and show initiative.
  • We are accountable for our actions.
  • We always strive to meet the highest standards.

#5 Innovation – We are open for new things

  • It is our vision to optimize our work process and to invest in the future.
  • We are open for new innovations to enable ongoing improvement.
  • We speak up so that we can improve together.

#6 Mutuality – We achieve our goals together

  • We honor trust by remaining reliable.
  • It is our corporate goal to achieve benefits for ELG and our partners alike.
  • We face every demand as a new challenge.

International responsibility and transparency

„10 Principles of the UN Global Compact“

We honor the international standards for responsible entrepreneurial conduct and are committed to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). We follow the ten principles of the United Nations for responsible entrepreneurship in a globalized world. Our actions are based on the indisputable respect for human rights worldwide, in particular in places where human rights are not yet a matter of course. We take workers' rights seriously, at each of our sites, we promote environmental protection and take measures to prevent corruption. By doing so, we help to make our world a more social and ecological place.

# The Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact


„Corporate Social Responsibility Directive Implementation Act“

We follow the Corporate Social Responsibility Act (CSR), which requires large, listed companies to present an annual report on environmental, social and non-monetary matters. Although our company is not obliged by law, we report voluntarily – with conviction. In our annual Sustainability Report, we report about our actions in terms of the environment, social responsibility, matters important to our employees, respect for human rights and measures against corruption and bribery. We report on what we do, what we have already achieved and on our visions and goals. That's part of our business philosophy. We strive for more responsibility and transparency.

Social responsibility

Ideas are more important than hierarchies.

We are an internationally successful company and as such we set high standards for our actions – and expect the same from our employees. One of our most important tasks is to promote and support our employees, so that they can excel and bring their commitment, their sense of responsibility and their talents to a full potential. How do we achieve that? Through cooperative leadership, flat hierarchies, an open-door-policy and quick decision making.

Employees with personality: We help to grow

We proudly represent over 50 years of business. Looking into the future we ask ourselves: What will be most important? The answer: What’s in us, in every single one of our employees. Every employee is crucial in shaping our success, day after day, hour after hour. We therefore actively support the professional and personal development of our employees with tailor-made trainings, workshops, coaching programs, environmentally friendly mobility solutions and programs to support the development of our junior staff.

We ensure safety: Our program “Health & Safety PLUS“

Raw materials are not processed at the desk. Our working environment is often determined by mechanical work and heavy equipment. To protect the health and safety of our employees, we follow the "Health & Safety PLUS" program. This program helps us to monitor and analyze our current safety status in order to optimize it even further. We will not rest until our ultimate safety goal is achieved: zero work-related accidents.

Our laboratory for talents & ideas: Where ideas become reality

It is our tradition to be innovative. For us that’s an obligation to keep an open mind. We do everything we can to attract young and smart talents and we want to encourage them to bring forward and cultivate their ideas. Our initiative "ELG Innovation Experience" offers employees from all departments a space to articulate their ideas and let them roam free. It is in this small team of young experts and veterans where we will shape our future today.


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