ELG spins off German superalloy activities

ELG spins off German superalloy activities


ELG spins off German superalloy activities:  new company ELG Utica Alloys GmbH in Duisburg 

The German ELG branch Eisenlegierungen Handelsgesellschaft mbH, headquartered in Duisburg, has spun off its business activities in the superalloys segment into a new company as of August 28, 2019.  

"At the Duisburg location we operate both the stainless steel recycling and the production-related processing of superalloys for the high-tech sector," explains Detlef Drafz, CEO of the ELG Haniel Group. "With the spin-off we take into account the different requirements of our divisions". 
There will be little change for suppliers, customers and staff, as the new company will continue its recycling activities in the superalloys segment at the site. From now on only under the following, own company name: 
ELG Utica Alloys GmbH    Kremerskamp 16  47138 Duisburg, Germany  Phone: +49-(0)203-4501-0 Management Board: Holger Röpling, Marcel Engels Commerzbank AG, Duisburg  IBAN: DE84350800700240020000, BIC: COBADEFFXXX Registered office: Duisburg  


About ELG Haniel Group: ELG is a global leader in the trading, processing and recycling of raw materials for the stainless steel industry as well as high performance materials such as superalloys, titanium and carbon fibres. With 50 locations in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and South Africa, ELG has one of the industry’s largest global networks.  ELG is a division of the Haniel Group based in Duisburg, Germany. For further information please contact Vera Heinz (
About ELG Utica Alloys: ELG Utica Alloys, ELG’s division specializing in superalloys, recycles nickel-, cobalt- and titanium-based metal alloys at 8 sites worldwide, including the USA, UK, Germany, France, South Africa, Japan and Singapore. The aerospace industry is the main customer for these high-performance materials

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