Entrepreneurial Responsibility: 

Cornerstone of our company’s philosophy

For more than 50 years ELG is successful in the recycling of high performance materials - environmental sustainability has, thus, always been the core of our business model. Also in the daily work at our yards worldwide, it is particularly important to us to protect the environment and preserve the basis of mankind’s existence. For us this means considerate wage of resources, prevention of environmental hazards and to attempt to repair in case damage occured. In this regard and as a matter of principle, we provide our services ecologically state of the art.

The entire ELG group stands for a corporate philosophy that places transparency, ethical conduct and respect for business partners at the center of our corporate activities. Safeguarding a high standard of ethical principles is and always has been the basic understanding of our business. As a true global player and a leading company in our trade, we regard it our particular task and challenge to always keep living up to our high standards. In order to provide our customers, suppliers and other partners with a top performance today and in the future, our goal is to make their needs part of our philosophy.

For our suppliers and customers ELG stands for

  • optimum quality of service and products
  • professional, trusting and fair treatment of our partners
  • proximity to suppliers and customers by means of short distances, quick reaction times and pragmatic solutions
  • a reliable and financially strong partner, additionally strengthened by the fact that we are part of the Haniel Group
  • ever respectful and polite behavior towards our partners
  • great consideration for environmental protection in all our activities.

We are well aware that our success largely depends on our staff. Only with well trained and responsible employees will we be able to reach our goals. Therefore, it is our task to promote our staff and to further develop their talents and their motivation. A cooperative management style, approachability at all levels and rapid decisions are all a part of this.

In 2014 we have captured the described complexity of our corporate culture in the so-called "6 Principles of ELG". These form the core guidelines of all our decision-making processes and at the same time serve as our code of conduct. Learn more about our “6 Principles".

Even though it is a matter of course for us that the principles of ethical corporate responsibility are respected consistently and permanently, following the principle of transparency, we have put down in writing the fields of action in the area of corporate responsibility which we deem relevant. Learn more about it from our current Sustainability Report:


2018: "Sustainability Update 2018pdf ePaper

2017: "Sustainability Report 2017" pdf | ePaper

2016: "Sustainability Focus Area Progress Report 2016"

2015: "Sustainability Report 2015"

2014: "Sustainability Focus Area Progress Report 2014

2013: “In The Vanguard Of Global Recycling"                 


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