Innovative recycling is our tradition

Suppliers and customers of metallic secondary raw materials strive to process increasing numbers of materials into ever better products.

At the same time, demands on environmental protection and the protection of increasingly scarce natural resources are also increasing.

As one of the market leading companies for the recycling of raw materials for the stainless-steel industry, ELG is constantly investing in manpower and new technologies in order to meet these growing demands in the future too. Thus ELG achieves the ideal combination of ecological and economic aims.

Our plants all work in accordance with the most recent quality standards with the most up-to-date process technology. This is ensured by state-of-the-art machinery and highly trained staff.

Thus, we can constantly raise the quality of our products whilst lowering energy consumption and emissions. To protect our suppliers, customers and, of course, also our employees, the most progressive radioactivity control systems are employed in order to ensure that our products are free of contamination.

We work closely with the manufacturers of almost all the relevant technical units in order to further accelerate the progress of metal processing.

Consistently innovative behaviour will continue to be a maxim of ELG.

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